CRANIOFACIALidentification.com is a resource hub that offers information, data and code orientated towards craniofacial analysis, including skull morphology, craniofacial superimposition and facial approximation techniques.

This website provides the following...

Data Access Points:

  1. Tallied-Facial-Soft-Tissue-Depth-Data (T-Table).
  2. Facial-Soft-Tissue-Depth-Data-Store (C-Table) - current version v2018.1

Computer Scripts:

  1. TDValidation (new) - use C-Table data to validation test your newly derived mean FSTTs.
  2. TraumaVision - Record and plot locations of trauma on a skeletal homonculus for large assemblages to visualise trauma distributions and densities.
  3. EasyECD - Automated analysis of IrisPlex SNP data from qPCR results to facilitate iris colour estimation from DNA.
  4. LibraryTracker - For personal library management using a barcode scanner.
  5. SkullProfiler - GUI capability for estimating ancestry and sex from lateral skull photographs.
  6. BodyPlot - BMI and Morphotype plots as used by Stephan et al. (2016) in AJPA.
  7. SkullXtremes - Average skull morphotypes and warp capability for sex and ancestry extremes.
  8. PerspectiveX - R code to calculate subject-to-camera distance and perspective distortion in 2D photographs.
  9. QuickCapture - R code that runs a GUI with three semi-automated and fast landmark aquisition methods from a 2D closed contour using the Conte function described by J. Claude in Morphometrics with R (Springer: New York, 2008). These data are also readily importable to Klingenberg's MorphoJ.
  10. TDStats - v2017.1 released with updated .pdf age scatterplots as described at IACI 2017.

General Features:

  1. Regular updates on new craniofacial identification research.
  2. Downloadable lists of core discipline specific references.
  3. Basic method descriptions and information.
  4. Lists of upcoming professional meetings and conferences.

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1. 2018.1 C-Table update has been released (4 Aug 2018).

2. CRANIOFACIALidentification.com Student Travel Award for IACI Meeting Presentation.
This AUD$1000 award will be offfered every 2 years for a presenting student to register, present and attend the Biennial Meeting of the International Association for Craniofacial Identification! The award is to be used to pay registration and support travel. Applications open when IACI abstracts calls are made.

3. We continue to seek new contributors for the 2015 version of C-Table. Contribute your raw data now for ongoing and additional citations by your colleagues! Email contacts@craniofacialidentification.com