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OVERVIEW: The C-table represents a centralised online repository of raw soft tissue depth data that is updated on a continuing basis. Currently, the respository holds data for >1,700 individuals, collected at up to 25 standardized craniofacial landmarks.

This data has been voluntarily contributed by principal investigators of prior studies that typically have been published so that other investigators can use them. This is extremely valuable because it is uncommon for raw data to be published in modern studies, data may be discarded by practitioners after initial publication despite its continued value, and because it is impossible for single practitioners to measure samples of the scope contained by the C-Table. The C-table, therefore, plays a crucial role in: accelerating research which otherwise would not be possible; facilitating more comprehensive data analysis; rechecking results; and maximizing data utility.

Pracitioners typically contribute raw data to the C-table in the interests of scientific enquiry, and academic collegiality. Note here that raw data that have been published in the literature (typically small samples from historic papers) have automatically been added to the C-table. Investigators who have published but have not volunteered their own raw data to the C-table are strongly encouraged to do so BEFORE downloading and using the data freely provided by others.

The C-Table includes adult and subadult data reported by age, sex, ancestry, body height and body weight. Soft tissue depth measurement sites are categorized following the T-Tables, with two additional landmarks: 'metopion' and 'supraglabella'. These landmarks may change as data submissions accumulate in the future. Data for left and right sides have been presented where possible for bilateral landmarks, however, the left side forms the default entry forunspecified and/or averaged values.

Contributing your raw data to the C-Table offers your previously published work the advantage of additional citations when other authors draw upon and use your raw data in future studies.

Please read the Terms of Use before opening or downloading the C-Table.